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Proxmox ISO Storage

Share the Resource

I am using my NAS drive as my ISO shared storage. My environment uses windows and linux so I use SMB/CIFS. If I wanted pure speed only and everything with Linux, I would use NFS. The NAS drive does allow me to use both services at the same time, if I wished.

  • Enable the File Service in “File Services > SMB”
  • Control Panel > Create > Folder

Populate the template/iso Folder

I’m sharing from my Synology NAS, so these are the steps for me:

  • File Station > (yourshare) > create “template/iso”
  • Move your shared iso files into this new folder

Create the SMB/CIFS Share in Proxmox Gui

  • Data Center > Storage > Add > SMB/CIFS
  • ID: can be any valid made up name
  • Content: Make sure and select ISO
  • Server: The ip/host of your SMB server
  • Nodes: add/configure which nodes can see this ISO repo
  • ** DO NOT ENABLE **
  • Save
  • Edit, Enable

There is a bug as of this writing that requires you create the resource disabled, then edit it and enable it.

Use Your ISO Share

Only items that are in template/iso on the smb share will show up

Last updated on 19 Feb 2024
Published on 19 Feb 2024