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Python3 Multi Threaded Port Scanner

nmap does a better job of scanning, fingerprinting, detecting OS, etc. However if you wanted to roll your own port scanner, python can do it:

    import socket  # as we are opening sockets, need the module

    import time # time our script

    import threading # we want to multi thread this

    from queue import Queue # and have queue management

    # .45 took 159 seconds (and missed a port)
    # .25 took 87 seconds
    # .15 took 54 seconds

    # lock thread during print so we get cleaner outputs
    print_lock = threading.Lock()

    # notify user
    target = input('Host to Scan: ')

    # convert to ip, if they give us a name
    # this requires that it actually resolves
    t_IP = socket.gethostbyname(target)
    print ('Scanning Host for Open Ports: ', t_IP)

    # define our port scan process
    def portscan(port):

       # create socket object
       s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

       # try to connect
          # create/open connection
          conx = s.connect((t_IP, port))

          # don't let thread contention screw up printing
          with print_lock:
             print(port, 'is open')

          # close out that connection

    # threader thread pulls worker from queue and processes
    def threader():
       while True:
          # gets worker from queue
          worker = q.get()
          # run job with savailable worker in queue (thread)

          # complete with the job, shut down thread?

    # create queue and threader
    q = Queue()

    # start time
    startTime = time.time()

    # 100 threads took 172 seconds
    # 200 threads took 87 seconds
    for x in range(200):
       # thread id
       t = threading.Thread(target = threader)

       # classifying as a daemon, so they will die when the main dies
       t.daemon = True

       # begins, must come after daemon definition

    # this is the range or variable passed to the worker pool
    for worker in range(1, 65535):

    # wait until thrad terminates

    # ok, give us a final time report
    runtime = float("%0.2f" % (time.time() - startTime))
    print("Run Time: ", runtime, "seconds")
Last updated on 12 Apr 2019
Published on 12 Apr 2019