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IT Notes from various projects because I forget, and hopefully they help you too.

Palo Alto Cheat Sheet VSYS

admin@PA> show system info | match vsysFind out if the firewall is in multi-vsys mode. Output: multi-vsys: on
admin@PA> set system setting target-vsys ?View a list of virtual systems configured on the firewall. Note: After adding a new virtual system from the CLI, you must log out and log back in to see the new virtual system within the CLI. Options include: none, vsys1, vsys2, .
admin@PA> set system setting target-vsys <vsys-name>Switch to a particular vsys so that you can issue commands and view data specific to that vsys. For example, set system setting target-vsys vsys2 changes the session target to vsys2. Note: The vsys name is case sensitive.
admin@PA> show session meterView the maximum number of sessions allowed, in use, and throttled. Example output shows VSYS, Maximum, Current, and Throttled numbers. Maximum indicates the maximum number of sessions allowed per dataplane, Current indicates the number of sessions being used by the virtual system, and Throttled indicates the number of sessions denied for the virtual system because the sessions exceeded the Maximum number multiplied by the number of dataplanes in the system.
admin@PA-vsys2> show user ip-user-mapping allView the User-ID mappings in the vsys.
admin@PA-vsys2> set system setting target-vsys noneReturn to configuring the firewall globally. The prompt will change back to admin@PA>.