Information Technology Grimoire

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IT Notes from various projects because I forget, and hopefully they help you too.

WiFi Password Cache

get the ssid

C:\>netsh wlan show profiles

Profiles on interface Wi-Fi:

Group policy profiles (read only)

User profiles
    All User Profile     : Jade
    All User Profile     : Jade-1107
    All User Profile     : digitalcrunch2g
    All User Profile     : digitalcrunch5g
    All User Profile     : 2nWire

C:\Users\User>netsh wlan show profile 2nWire key=clear | findstr "Key Content"
    Key Content            : *@#H@$ASKKS22

look at password

C:\>netsh wlan show profile Jade key=clear |findstr "Key Content"
    Key Content            : blehblehbleh123