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netdata server resources

What is Net Data?

It’s a server resource tool that explains, in depth many things about your server.

NetData Dashboard{:class=“img-responsive”}

Install Net Data

apt update
apt install rsync netdata
vim /etc/netdata/netdata.conf

Here is my netdata config:

# NetData Configuration

# The current full configuration can be retrieved from the running
# server at the URL
#   http://localhost:19999/netdata.conf
# for example:
#   wget -O /etc/netdata/netdata.conf http://localhost:19999/netdata.conf

        run as user = netdata
        web files owner = root
        web files group = root
        # Netdata is not designed to be exposed to potentially hostile
        # networks. See
        bind socket to IP =

Setup Proxy (Browser)

I use firefox but you can use anything that is socksv5 friendly. Chrome will try to proxy everything on your computer and firefox limits only the firefox traffic through the proxy.

Firefox Proxy Setup{:class=“img-responsive”}

Setup Proxy (SSH Tunnel)

$ ssh -L 19999: -D 7070

Access Netdata Dashboard

Open this url in firefox: